My friends, I want to share with you some important reasons why I believe it is not only useful, but very important to do some work on my multicultural awareness.

Here are my ‘Top Ten Reasons’:

  1. Gaining a deeper understanding of the genesis and costs of our ‘Isms’. (For example, NO ONE asked for them, we absorbed them from the culture, family etc.)
  2. Gaining a deeper understanding of ‘Oppression’ and of our “Internalized Oppression”. (We all carry I/O from areas where we are oppressed in our lives.)
  3. Learning what ‘privilege’ is and how it affects us all.
  4. Learning that, Yep….each of us carries a mixture of privileged and oppressed parts of ourselves!
  5. Gaining a much deeper appreciation for our own cultures, as well as those of another person.
  6. Gaining many tools, a language and understanding that facilitate safe, deep conversations that bring us closer together.
  7. Helping us learn how better to attract and retain men of difference to our MKP work. We all want a more diverse MKP, right? But how do we create that reality? There ARE specific and relatively simple actions we can take to address this, if we want!
  8. Connecting us at a deeper level with our ‘cultural shadows’- shared beliefs that we all carry that often go unnoticed and unchallenged, but that undermine us all the time at home, at work, at church and in MKP.
  9. A chance to become ‘part of the solution’ to the persistent ‘isms’ behavior that permeates our society, rather than remaining unconscious.
  10. A clear understanding that being ‘multiculturally aware’ has nothing to do with being ‘politically correct’!
  11. Bonus:  Learning 5 simple behaviors that lead to a more connected, loving, aware world- simple behaviors that anyone can implement with minimal effort.

This is just a start! The list is long. I have found such profound value in working on my unconsciousness about my privileges and the ‘isms’ that people with differences face every day. This work has brought me much closer to people of color, gay/bi/lesbian and transgendered people, people who speak languages other than English, and so on!

Doing multicultural awareness work is not easy, but it is immeasurably satisfying. It has enriched my life manifold. I invite you in to experience the great value to your leadership and your sense of well-being that working on your multicultural awareness brings. You won’t be sorry!