Well, we made it!  We’re here in Vista at our new home.  The trip went really well and we enjoyed the drive, the parks and our visit with our good friend, Les Sinclair.  On May 9th, our stuff arrived in a moving van and we had just 3 days to unpack and settle in a bit before I had to leave for Johannesburg, South Africa for 3 weeks- I am a “travelin’ man”!


We took some time yesterday (Mother’s Day) to go to the Pacific Ocean Beach just a few miles away.  It was breathtaking!  White sand, deep blue water, breaking waves, tons of sun and 70 degree temperatures- spectacular!  We walked for a mile on the beach, swam in the 60 degree water and then had a “Bucket of Seafood” for dinner at an oceanfront restaurant- heaven!  Tomorrow I leave for Johannesburg, but for now, I am enjoying being a SoCal guy!