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Vibrant Relationships Workshops and Coaching

Rick’s passion for personal growth shines through his offerings designed to create more vibrant personal connections.  Whether through his Mission workshops, his books and talks about men and women and healthy relationships, Vibrant Relationship Coaching Program  or his Beloved Father/Daughter Weekends, Rick works with anyone wanting to develop tools and awareness that foster stronger, more vibrant, more loving personal connections!

Rick’s Newest Keynote Speech-

The Seven Generations Story: An Incentive for Healing

In this inspiring, powerful and moving speech, Rick provides a glimpse of his life and how he has leveraged his own amazing healing journey to positively influence seven generations of his family- in both directions! Rick illustrates his talk liberally with inspiring stories of his own life and his healing process, as well as that of his family members- and he suggests how this could work for every person who really wants to heal! DSC_5225

The Father/Daughter Weekend:

Precious Time to Connect With and Honor Each Other!

Rick has been leading Father/Daughter Weekend experiences now for 20 years!  As the father of  three beautiful daughters and the grandfather of 3 wonderful granddaughters, Rick has a particular and deep passion for creating safe, sacred, loving circles of fathers and their daughters and granddaughters (age 5 and up). These weekends are intended to be fabulous fun, deeply honoring of our daughters and to create a space where clear, loving communication can occur between dads and their daughters.  In addition, the older daughters learn leadership skills as they help plan and lead the weekends.  The older daughters naturally act as mentors and guides for the younger daughters and close bonds are created between daughters…and fathers, as well! Rick brings many years of transformational work, awareness and leadership to these weekends.  He strives to create safe, sacred circles where dads and daughters can be together and have the loving, but sometimes difficult interactions and sacred time together we often need to have. The agenda for these weekends is loose with lots of time for informal connection, enjoying nature, playing games together, exploring artistic creativity or making music and fun around the campfire.  There are also formal opportunities for learning, creativity and communication such as a visualization, mask making and decorating, check-ins, horseback riding, swimming, paint ball and many other activities (depending on availability at the site).  A very moving and poignant activity is writing ‘love letters’ to each other and exchanging them around the campfire. The highlight of every weekend is a wonderful sacred ceremony where the older daughters (12 years old and up) will be honored by an Elder and by their fathers.  Daughters will have an opportunity to speak their truths to their father and hear their father’s unconditional love in return.  This ceremony is always a powerful highlight of the weekend and will occur around the campfire Saturday night. These delightful weekends occur in Milwaukee, Maui and soon San Francisco and San Diego!


Please join us for the Father/Daughter Weekend!
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Vibrant Relationships Guy Coaching Program

Rick is delighted to offer Personal Coaching to clients- either one-on-one or with groups. Rick brings 25 years of coaching, mentoring and deep leadership to his coaching practice. Rick accesses a powerful, effective and eclectic mix of support, challenge, transformational process, skills and awareness that can transform you, your leadership, your organization and your personal life. Coaching can supercharge your relationships into vibrant ones! It is an adventure of the head, heart and soul.

Rick incorporates Purpose, Mission, Passion, Emotional Intelligence, Shadow Awareness, Accountability, Meditative Practice, Breath Awareness, Many Leadership Tools and so much more in his coaching work. Rick will support you to add these valuable tools to your personal toolbox- and practice them in your life- both in your work and in your personal relationships. Rick offers single sessions or packages of coaching sessions that will help transform you to greater awareness, enhance your leadership skills and move you to peak performance.

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