Negotiating Mom’s Death from Half a World Away

June 2, 2014


Despite the amazing success of my training work in South Africa, I am still feeling the sadness and frustration of knowing that my mother has just a couple weeks to live as she transitions to a hospice in central Wisconsin.  I will be leaving later today to fly to my new home in Vista, California and then I will deal with travel to see my mother and support my siblings in their vigil. Damn, it’s hard to be so far away!  I feel helpless- especially not being able to offer my usual role of family patriarch.  Very frustrating! And yet, there’s some reason I can’t yet fathom for my being in South Africa during 2 weeks of my Mom’s illness.  I just wish I knew what that reason is!


I am also sad to say goodbye to my dear friends, Rurik, Vera and Alexander, who have been such warm, loving hosts while I was in Johannesburg.  Our friendship and mentoring has only deepened during this time of struggle and loss.  I am so grateful for their hospitality and emotional support, as well as for their deeply loving advocacy for my work to their friends and colleagues here in South Africa!  What a HUGE gift!


Good-bye, my friends.  Until we meet again in person in October and on Skype!  I appreciate your fabulous family, your love and your support during my 3 weeks with you!  I look forward to being with you all again soon!