Vibrant Relationships Through Multicultural Awareness

Multicultural Awareness Workshop

One of the topics dearest to Rick’s heart is multicultural awareness. Rick is convinced that developing multicultural awareness is crucial to fostering healthy, open and vibrant relationships at work and at home! Rick comes from a very diverse family and has always worked in diverse environments. He was inspired early on to seek out and develop multicultural expertise. Rick has received tremendous training in a couple different models of multicultural awareness over a 15 year period and has done his own deep work around his own ‘isms’- racism, sexism, classism, heterosexism, ageism, etc.

Rick was intimately involved in the creation of the multicultural awareness training program for the ManKind Project (, a world wide not for profit men’s service organization, and has lead dozens of workshops in the US, Canada, Mexico, Europe and South Africa on this important topic. Rick is a master at creating a safe, open, diverse sharing environment for a group to explore this topic deeply and honestly.

In this full day or two day workshop, Rick and his training partner will teach a common yet very powerful model of multiculturalism and share many personal stories, examples and exercises to enlighten, inform and awaken your group or organization to the incredible power of multicultural awareness to forge more open and vibrant relationships. Rick will share his own life changing and poignant journey from ignorance and denial to greater awareness and effective action. The workshop will show how to move beyond blame, shame and denial into understanding, embracing differences- and on to empowering ‘ally work’.

If there’s tension, unspoken anger, confusion and friction in your organization around ‘people of difference’, then this might be the workshop for your organization.

This workshop empowers people to begin having effective and respectful conversations around topics like race, gender differences, homophobia and elitism. It is a challenging day, but one absolutely worthwhile and essential to harnessing the full potential of any team, group or relationship!

Rick and his training partner employ a delightful and insightful mixture of effective dynamic teaching tools, small group work, journaling and powerful processes to enlighten and awaken your group or organization to the power of multicultural awareness. Empower and supercharge your group and fully engage all team members now!

Topics include

  • Why do I shrink from conversations around multiculturalism?
  • What is privilege and how does privilege play out in personal lives and organizations?
  • What is internalized oppression and how does it play out?
  • What are the common behaviors associated with unconscious ‘ism’ behaviors?
  • What are the common behaviors associated with unconscious ‘internalized oppression’?
  • How can I become part of the solution to these thorny issues?
  • How can I harness the power of conscious multicultural action to propel my organization forward?

Vibrant Relationships Guy Coaching Program

Rick is delighted to offer Personal Coaching to clients- either one-on-one or with groups. Rick brings 25 years of coaching, mentoring and deep leadership to his coaching practice. Rick accesses a powerful, effective and eclectic mix of support, challenge, transformational process, skills and awareness that can transform you, your leadership, your organization and your personal life. Coaching can supercharge your relationships into vibrant ones! It is an adventure of the head, heart and soul.

Rick incorporates Purpose, Mission, Passion, Emotional Intelligence, Shadow Awareness, Accountability, Meditative Practice, Breath Awareness, Many Leadership Tools and so much more in his coaching work. Rick will support you to add these valuable tools to your personal toolbox- and practice them in your life- both in your work and in your personal relationships. Rick offers single sessions or packages of coaching sessions that will help transform you to greater awareness, enhance your leadership skills and move you to peak performance.

Get started by registering for a free 30 minute coaching session with Rick soon! Or contact Rick to discuss fees and arrange your sessions.

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