Today, I am beginning an adventure: I’m driving cross-country to San Diego from Milwaukee to my new home.  I am filled with excitement at the prospect of moving to the beautiful weather of southern California, as well as daunted to be moving to a new state, city and home.


Technically, I am homeless Until May 9th when all my earthly possessions will arrive and be moved into my new home in Vista, CA.  It feels a bit surreal to be driving 2400 miles to meet up with my stuff and my home!


I have said sad/happy good-byes to all my friends and family members we are leaving in Wisconsin.  Oh, I know I will be back to see them all regularly, but it sure doesn’t feel the same!  CA seems strange to me and it will take awhile to get as comfortable there as I have been in WI.


On the other hand, I am looking forward to our road trip across 8 states to get to our new home.  Along the way, I will visit a couple of my favorite National Parks (Like Arches and Canyonlands NP)!  I’ll have some time to hike and enjoy the great expanses of the west during our drive.  That will be great!  And, I’m staying with my very good friend, Les Sinclair in Las Vegas on our last night before we get to Vista.  It will also be great to connect with Les!


And, as I leave, it is just 40 degrees F and raining in Milwaukee, while it will be 75 degrees and sunny most every day in Vista!  What a difference!  So, with trepidation and joy and gratitude, I leave my home for 62 years and head west.  I wonder what awaits me as I transition to this new state and city?  Whatever happens, I know I have the resources, support and heart to grow and learn from it!  See you soon!