Vibrant Relationships through Leadership Training

Leadership Workshops & Presentations:

A. Using a Personal Mission to Catapult Your Leadership

In this presentation and/or 4 hour workshop, Rick will explore the power of a Personal Mission of Service to transform your life, organization and work. Beyond purpose, Mission harnesses the power of Vision and Action to supercharge, energize and focus your life.  Using examples and stories from his life, Rick will engage, entertain and share several key skills and awareness that spotlight how creating and using a personal Mission of Service will enhance your life, your work , your leadership and your relationships.

Rick’s Mission of Service

I create a Passionately Loving and Peaceful Planet by Fostering Safe, Sacred, Diverse Healing Circles


Rick will show your group how he uses his personal Mission every day to guide and evaluate his life.  Part of his ‘daily practice’, Rick’s Mission is central to who he is and what he wants to accomplish on this planet.  Rick looks forward to sharing with your group how the ‘single most important tool in his toolbox’ is created and activated- and how this simple, yet powerful tool can inform, guide and enliven your Leadership.

B. The Shadows of Leadership:

Harnessing the Power and Awareness of Shadows to Supercharge Your Leadership

What you bring forth out of yourself from inside will save you. What you do not bring forth out of yourself will destroy you. From the Gospel of Thomas

Carl Jung defined the shadow as part of our psyches we “hide, repress and deny”- the parts of ourselves we don’t even want to acknowledge to ourselves. We try to suppress these parts of ourselves, yet our shadows leak out in unconscious ways to sabotage our leadership, our well being, our relationships and our organizations. If you’ve ever lead a meeting that ‘blew up’ when some team member suddenly said or did something that seemed out of character or inappropriate, most likely their shadows were causing the disruption! If you had an less-than-successful interaction with a loved one that left you wondering, “What just happened here?”, both parties’ shadows were undoubtedly ‘in play’! It happens every day in our businesses and in our personal relationships. One cannot be truly authentic if one is not very aware of and owns his or her shadows- both dark and gold!

Using humor, examples and personal stories, Rick’s presentation will show how shadows work behind the scenes in our lives to sabotage, subvert and re-direct our leadership, passion, energy and purpose. These behaviors sap the vibrancy out of our connections. Rick will also describe and discuss the difference between golden and dark shadows and how the power of both can be consciously and purposefully harnessed to move us and our organizations forward in really powerful ways! Rick will also share his three ways to become aware of and potentize our shadows- perhaps the single most important tool of conscious, authentic and effective leaders.

To be authentic, you have to be everything that you are, omitting nothing. Within everyone there is light and shadow, good and evil, love and hate. The play of these opposites is what constantly moves life forward; the river of life expresses itself in all changes from one opposite to another. As we discover and accept these opposites within ourselves, we are being more authentic.

Deepak Chopra

C. Emotional Intelligence (EQ) Awareness

Rick offers a fun, energetic, informative presentation and workshop on the value of developing Emotional Intelligence (EQ) both personally and within organizations. Perhaps no single tool better promotes the creation of Vibrant Relationships than EQ awareness. Highlighted by stories from Rick’s life and work, this presentation will move and inform your group. Rick will share a number of simple, yet powerful techniques and skills to add to his audience’s tool box, included in a handout- which Rick will customize for the needs of your organization or group.

Key to effective Leadership, developing greater EQ awareness and skills is crucial to all organizations and every relationship.

I have found….that the most effective leaders are alike in one crucial way: they have a high degree of what has come to be known as emotional intelligence.  It’s not that IQ and technical skills are irrelevant.  They do matter, but mainly as ‘threshold capabilities’; that is, they are the entry-level requirements for executive positions.  But my research, along with other recent studies, clearly shows that emotional intelligence is the sine qua non of leadership.  Without it, a person can have an incisive, analytical mind, and an endless supply of smart ideas, but he still won’t make a great leader

Daniel Goleman, Author of Emotional Intelligence

Emotional intelligence matters twice as much as technical and analytic skill combined for star performances, and the higher people move up in the company, the more crucial emotional intelligence becomes.

Daniel Goleman, Author of Emotional Intelligence

D. Vibrant Relationships Guy Coaching Program

Rick is delighted to offer Personal Coaching to clients- either one-on-one or with groups. Rick brings 25 years of coaching, mentoring and deep leadership to his coaching practice. Rick accesses a powerful, effective and eclectic mix of support, challenge, transformational process, skills and awareness that can transform you, your leadership, your organization and your personal life. Coaching can supercharge your relationships into vibrant ones! It is an adventure of the head, heart and soul.

Rick incorporates Purpose, Mission, Passion, Emotional Intelligence, Shadow Awareness, Accountability, Meditative Practice, Breath Awareness, Many Leadership Tools and so much more in his coaching work. Rick will support you to add these valuable tools to your personal toolbox- and practice them in your life- both in your work and in your personal relationships. Rick offers single sessions or packages of coaching sessions that will help transform you to greater awareness, enhance your leadership skills and move you to peak performance.

Get started by registering for a free 30 minute coaching session with Rick soon! Or contact Rick to discuss fees and arrange your sessions.

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