Happy New Year! Will 2015 be a great year for you? I’ll bet you have already made some New Year’s Resolutions to better yourself and create a fabulous new year, right? I’ll also bet you have set such goals in previous years, only to see them fail or find you forgetting about them a couple weeks into the new year. Finally, I’ll bet that you are not accessing the most powerful and successful goals or resolutions possible to spur life changes you need or want! True?


Well, that can change- and it’s not magic! Here is my take on how to set up really powerful goals that will catapult you into a wonderful, prosperous and fulfilling New Year; My “Five Steps for Creating Really Powerful and Effective New Year’s Resolutions (or Goals)“:

Step 1. Use SMART Goal technology. This really works well to articulate goals in such a powerful manner. What does SMART stand for?

  1. S = Specific: Goal objectives should address the five Ws… who, what, when, where, and why. Remember, this can include the specific actions you will take on a personal level to modify your own behavior in line with your Mission or code.
  2. M = Measurable: Goal objectives should include numeric or descriptive measures that define quantity, quality, etc. Focus on elements such as observable actions that you are choosing to perform in your life.
  3. A = Achievable: Goal objectives should be within a person’s control and influence; a goal may be a “stretch” but still feasible. You just set yourself up for failure if your goal is not achievable!
  4. R = Relevant: Goals should be instrumental to a person’s personal mission. Why is the goal important to living my Mission? How will the goal help me to keep living my personal Mission in focus?
  5. T = Time-bound: Goal objectives should identify a definite target date for completion and/or frequencies for specific action steps that are important for achieving the goal. How often or by when should this goal be accomplished? I recommend setting a time limit of no more than 7 weeks, and a shorter time works better, as you can always re-set your goal for another time period, if it serves you.

Step 2. Align your goals with a Golden Mission of Service. A Mission states your reason for being on this planet; your reason for being alive! If you can discern your Golden Mission of Service (More on this later!) you’ll find enormous energy available to support you fulfilling your goals!

Step 3. Create your goals to represent things you can control in your life, and not outcomes! This is the number one mistake people make when writing goals! For example, if you want to lose weight, you cannot control how much weight your body loses, but you CAN control factors that affect your body such as: ‘eating consciously 3 meals a day 6 days a week for the next 7 weeks’ or ‘exercising 1 hour a day 4 times per week for the next 7 weeks’, rather than ‘I’ll lose ten pounds in the next 2 weeks’! The focus and accountability is then on your behavior and not the outcome! This approach also gives you a much better chance at success- which encourages further goal setting!

Step 4. Have an “Accountability Partner” to support you and to report to. In my experience, it is virtually impossible to set and maintain goals without consciously bringing accountability into play. I highly recommend asking someone you trust to be your accountability partner. That person is the one you will check-in with regularly around how you are doing. It is also the person who will reach out to you at least once a week to check-in with you and support you. Your partner is also the person who will ‘hold you accountable’ if you fall down on some part of your goals (to see what exactly is causing the lack of accountability.) and encourage you to get back on your goal path! Finally, it is important to have someone to celebrate your victories with when you accomplish your goals! I’ll share more on how powerful accountability can be to help spur change in one’s life later!

Step 5: Be Aware of Resistance! What is resistance? According to Steven Pressfield, author of “Do the Work” (among many other books), resistance is a force in the universe designed to block us, kill our dreams and stymie our creativity! It is resistance that almost always thwarts our efforts to change or create. It is a powerful and cunning foe! Being aware of resistance and how it shows up in our lives and how to overcome it are key to completing successful goals! I recommend reading this short book- and paying close attention to ‘resistance’!

I believe if you implement these five steps, your New Year’s resolutions will truly serve you in spurring the changes you want to make in your life! You will have greatly increased your chances of success! Make 2015 the year of success! Try is and see for yourself!

And again, have a Happy and Fulfilling 2015, my friends!