Have you ever had that experience where you are so immersed in doing something- especially something you really care about or is alignment with your Mission- that you hardly notice time? It seems like everything is lining up and flowing really well? Some call that being “in the flow”.

Another term I’ve heard for this type of experience is a “Peak Experience”. I had one of these experiences just the other day when I was working on my new book. The writing was just flowing and I was energized and totally tuned into my message. I was entranced. It was magical and moving and powerful! I suddenly became aware that I was hungry and realized that I had been writing for 4 hours straight! I had written 15 pages in that time- and edited them. It was magnificent!

I believe that when I’m in the flow, I am connected with my higher power and my purpose and working in complete alignment with both. Time seems to stand still. I am energized and joyful, not depleted at all after such an intense period of time.
I’ve had similar experiences when being with close friends, when hiking in nature and when reading books that move me. In each case, some part of me was fed in ineffable ways!

And, perhaps most memorably, I have experienced the peak experience while doing work that is in alignment with my purpose. When I can lead a group from that ‘in the flow’ place, magic always seems to happen and the group seems to always get what it needed!

When have you experienced being in the ‘flow’? What were you doing? How did that activity align with your Mission or purpose? How did that feel? Thanks for sharing, my friends!