After a long, arduous flight (25 hours!) I am once again in the beautiful country of South Africa.  I am staying in Johannesburg with my dear friend and fellow Warrior Brother, Rurik McKaiser and his wonderful wife, Vera and their new 7 month old son, Alexander (or “Biggety Big”, as they call him!) I feel like I’m home in a sense, as this is my third trip to South Africa.


I am here to lead 5 trainings in 3 weeks!  Yikes!  Four of these trainings are for the ManKind Project and one is for the Phoenix Group, a company owned by Rurik and his family and run by his sister, Sonja.  I will be very busy and not have much time this visit for sight seeing.


This weekend, I am leading both a Multicultural Awareness Training on Friday and Saturday, as well as a Staff Training #2, which focuses on training staff men for the NWTA in process skills like GUTS Facilitation, Multicultural Awareness and Clearings.  I had a great time leading both these trainings and was ably assisted by Francis Borchers, who is training to lead both of these wonderful MKP trainings.  Some 15 men participated and they reported getting great value from the experience!


Next weekend, I am leading a New Warrior Adventure Training with 28 initiates and 50 staff!  What a wonderful container.  My Co-Leaders are Rurik, David Collins and Frankie Borchers (also from the States).  A fourth Co-Leader, Tony Wilkinson, flew all the way to Johannesburg only to find that his mother had a stroke and he had to return immediately.  My thoughts and prayers are with you, Tony!


I am aware of the great gift I have been given to be trusted to lead this work in South Africa- and what a wonderful opportunity!  I am so grateful to this loving community of men for their enthusiastic acceptance of what I have to offer.  I am definitely in my Mission when I do this work here with this very diverse community of men!  Thanks you, thanks you, thank you!