Announcing the 22nd Annual Father / Daughter Weekend for 2017!

Join us for the 22nd Annual Father/Daughter Weekend in WI!
Imagine a weekend just for you and your daughter(s) to hang out together, have fun and ‘love each other up’. Imagine a safe and sacred container where dads and daughters can share with each other their deepest thoughts and connect with other like-minded dads and daughters. Imagine a space in nature with a lake, a fire pit and lots of time to enjoy connection. Imagine writing a ‘love letter’ to your daughter and receiving one from her. And, finally, imagine a sacred honoring circle where our older daughters are blessed and released as young women around the campfire on Saturday night. Add in S’mores, games and mask making and you have a fun weekend you’ll never forget! That’s the intention for this weekend- and has been for 21 years!

These weekends are intended to be fabulous fun, deeply honoring of our daughters and to create a space where clear, loving communication can occur between dads and their daughters. In addition, the older daughters learn leadership skills as they help plan and lead the weekends. The older daughters naturally act as mentors and guides for the younger daughters and close bonds are created between daughters… and between fathers, as well!

Activities include mask making, visualizations, games, crafts, swimming & horseback riding (where available) and so much more! Come join Rick and his daughters and 40 other dads and daughters for this amazing weekend experience!

There’s One opportunity in 2017:

    • August 18-20 near Milwaukee, WI

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