Today, we are just about one-fourth through 2014, I spent some time this morning meditating on my incredible sense of gratitude and deep joy and awed wonder at being a father and grandfather. All three of my daughters are college graduates. Two of them are going on to post-graduate work; one in nursing school and one in veterinary school. I am so very proud of Heather, Erica and Gianninne that my heart is ready to burst! They are all empowered, bright, beautiful young women with a sense of who they are and where they want to go in this world. I am humbled to have played, perhaps, a small part in their development and growth. Fatherhood is most definitely a calling and activates my Mission of Service. And, fatherhood is a great and never ending challenge. How do I parent these young women with respect and empower them to realize their own amazing potential? Even though all three are now out of our home and on their own, these questions still resonate. I bet they do with you dads and moms, too!

Even better, in some ways, is having three granddaughters! Wow! What joy to watch them grow and develop. How fun to spend time with my precious granddaughters, Skye, Jaida and Kienna! They are so bright and beautiful and alive that my heart (once again!) is ready to burst. I have tears in my eyes as I write this- tears of gratitude that I have such amazing gifts in my life! I don’t see them nearly enough, yet they are very close in my heart. I learn so much from them like how to play blissfully and with abandon, how to live in the moment, how to be totally alive, how to feel my feelings intensely and instantaneously…and so much more! What a gift!

You may have noticed that we ‘don’t do boys’ in the Broniec Family! (Maybe that’s why I am so deeply involved with Men’s Work??) Yet three beautiful daughters and three spectacular granddaughters fill my life, heart and soul. My love and appreciation of them and their precious and sacred feminine energy caused me to create (along with two other dads) the Father/Daughter Weekend, which has run now for 19 years. That weekend has also been exported to several other cities, too, blessing fathers and daughters across the country! Every August, I get to be with about 20 dedicated dads and their fabulous daughters of all ages as we spend the weekend together at a camp blessing and honoring each other.